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Make Data your Ally in All Your Marketing Initiatives

Data-Driven Marketing helps brand visibility, it improves ROI on marketing investments and engages customers with highly precise communication. As experts in marketing, Orbit Softek offers a comprehensive list of marketing services aimed at attracting, engaging and increasing efficiencies of your marketing department. We help you leverage data across multiple marketing channels including:

Direct Mail

Direct Mail Marketing requires tailoring suggestions, warnings, and advertisements to connect at emotional, cultural, and professional levels.

Email Marketing

Deliverability, open rates, and click-through rates are some of the important metrics in email marketing that determine the success of campaigns. Email marketing by Orbit Softek provides low-cost marketing solutions from conceptualization, campaign development, email list management to other services. More on email marketing

Demand Generation

We create a consistent demand for your products and services through our structured demand generation services. Between creating demand, nurturing leads, and analyzing markets, our operations remain focused on the needs in your market.

Event Marketing

B2B events are a great opportunity to meet customers, prospects and widen the scope of your business reach. At Orbit Softek, our event marketing services adopt result-driven strategies to help you enhance audience engagement and translate your event into an experience.

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