We Do Not Sell Your Personal Data without Your Consent


Your Data is in Safe Hands

Orbit Softek takes your Data and Data Privacy Seriously

We have consolidated this content piece to address all your data and privacy concerns. We would like to shed light on all our data sourcing, consolidation, compilation, and provisioning methodologies we follow with this page.

Advance Your Interest By Managing Data

We strictly follow the GDPR guidelines and a plethora of other regime-specific regulations while handling data. We source our data via regulated and legitimate sources. We seek your permission at every step to know and understand what modes of communication you are comfortable with for aligning our services with your data – especially for marketing campaigns.

Only then we push your data for marketing initiatives across our extensive network.

We give you a snapshot of data we have about you, and we help advance your interest by managing the data with us.

Keep Your Individual Profile Safe and Updated

You can rest assured that the data we have about you is in safe hands. We employ all the best practices in the digital spectrum to promote your professional profile to your network, our business community, and other interested parties.

We have compiled a detailed overview of our data compliance and data compilation practices at the bottom of this page.

With this reassurance, you can go ahead and update your profile with us with all your work history, we- references, additional communication handles, and more.

Keep Your Company Profile in the Best Shape

Get in touch with our growth consultants to build a comprehensive company profile with us. We at Orbit Softek provide 110+ intelligence fields of customer profiles to our clients so that it creates an opportunity for them to work in synergy with their prospects.

Request Consultation to Leverage Our Network

We partner with bigwigs and the who-is-who of the business world. We showcase your business opportunities in the most engaging formats. This helps you address your business challenges and mitigate hurdles in your day-to-day operations with effortless ease.

Leverage the power of our ever-growing network of business users. We build information about your business profile through legitimate channels like trade shows, government listings, opt-in email addresses, leading journals, etc.

Get in touch with our Data Consultants to know about the data Orbit Softek has collected about you. Once we have your identity verified, we can send you a detailed report.

Also, you can provide us with additional information to build intelligence about your profile so that we can align it with opportunities with our ever-growing network.

Request to be Excluded from the Network

You are in total control of how your data with us is utilized. When you choose to be excluded from our network, we quickly take the necessary steps to remove your profile from the host of products and services for which we have mapped and aligned your data. By choosing to be excluded from the network implies you have opted out of the sale of information that was contained in your profile. However, as per company policy Orbit Softek would not remove company information from our Search Engines.