Search Engine Optimisation

Guaranteed SEO Success

Our Team guaranteed SEO success is grounded on our skills in writing perfect on-site content, meticulous off-site activity and work on over 300 technical SEO factors before presenting the web page to search engines.

SEO is the highest performing digital marketing channel that directly drives ready to buy customers.

Clear focus backed by deep research facilitates discovery of relevant keywords and search terms that draw searching and ready to buy customers.

Maximize Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Reap the benefits of successful SEO outreach. SEO services at Vistas are designed to deliver the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

The efforts involved in SEO assignments encompass analysis, monitor and sift through massive amounts of data. Our team is trained to turn each bit of data to our clients’ advantage and leverage every opportunity to beat competition and attain success.

Extensively researched, carefully prepared our SEO services are completely client centric and guaranteed to deliver results. Our strength is our proven combination of multiple competitor analysis, detailed keyword research, original content creation, strong link building methods and deep data analysis demonstrated from our track record from clients who are comfortably settled at the top of search engines.

SEO Audit

A thorough SEO audit will be the foundation of an SEO plan.

A good SEO audit plan is designed to discover areas for improvement in the website and uncover opportunities specific to the client's domain. Our team conducts a comprehensive technical SEO audit prior to commencing every new project. Deploying a plethora of SEO audit tools and analysing data, search patterns and statistical information, Our SEO experts arrive at a strategy to effectively compete in the marketplace.

Keyword Research

Researching keywords that perform, keywords that are fiercely competitive and filtering out underperforming key phrases are broadly some of the areas covered during the keyword research phase. The success of an SEO campaign depends on the quality of the keywords research. We witness poor quality SEO service providers fail by not focusing enough on quality keyword research.

Determining search patterns, potential volume of traffic, current quantum of searches that competitors receive are the valuable insights uncovered in the course of keyword research.

The Significance of Content in SEO

Search engines are driven by content. All types of relevant content has to be presented to search engines for that all important early recognition and eventual prominent positioning. Following the keyword research, we build authoritative content around those shortlisted keywords and present them to search engines to recognize and index in its database. Among the numerous content building methods, content posted on the website, through blogs associated with the URL, published articles and social media posts are the most valid.


Blogging presents exceptional content building opportunities. Blogs are popular as useful insights, tips and are packed with personalised information on a given subject. Each post can be dedicated to a product or service through keyword rich copy and targeted at a specific audience. Blog posts support SEO efforts by presenting the fresh content it carries to eagerly awaiting search engines.

Service Pages

Service pages details our services and skills, searching customers are likely to land on the service page as they search for a specific service. The SEO team at Vistas will leverage service pages to the full extent detailing capabilities, benefits to customers and possibly pricing details if that is relevant and helpful. An excellent place to differentiate and present USP’s.

Product Pages

Pages dedicated to products are the first and ideal position to promote the company’s products. Elaborate descriptions, keyword rich expert information and benefits to customers.

The place and platform to talk about our product to the extent that we want is the products page. Provide images, descriptions and provide detailed information on each item together with dimensions, available colours, choice of sizes available, ingredients or material details. Another opportunity to be a step ahead of competition with our know-how of our products.

Take on the Competition with Our SEO Service

Our aim for top SERP results and successfully achieves it on every assignment. Fiercely competitive key phrases might take longer to reach the top, but we get there, every time. Our SEO teams customize campaigns through unique strategies designed specifically for each client business.

Each of SEO Plans Include:

  • Competitor research
  • Identification of best performing key phrases

SEO Services – Your Primary Contributor to Bottom line

If business growth is your goal, then search engine optimization is your best strategy. Our customized SEO campaigns target on-page as well as off-page SEO methods, including keyword research and content implementation to position you prominently for the convenience of the searching client.

Systematic review and analysis of your ongoing SEO campaign improves results at a steady rate and achieves optimal performance in the SERP.

Our SEO professionals have worked on and perfected a number of SEO strategies to deliver business success.

SEO Best Practices

Our SEO experts perform hundreds of exercises on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule and through an intense initial SEO set-up program; some of the exercises are listed below:


  • Web server analysis & reporting
  • Key phrase research & selection
  • Predictive keyword analysis
  • Searcher experience analysis
  • Google Analytics traffic analysis
  • Link baiting and content development
  • Monitor competitors' search rankings
  • Monitor competitors' website changes
  • Monitor competitors' content and link additions

Predict you and your competitors' market share


  • Website design analysis
  • Video and image XML sitemaps
  • Internal linking restructuring & optimization
  • Linkable content promotion


  • Meta tags optimization
  • Optimization of robots.txt & GoogleBot crawls
  • Creation & registrations of sitemap.xml
  • Google My Business optimization Optional
  • Mobile site optimization Optional
  • Local search optimization
  • Setup of website sitemap
  • Image optimization
  • Link redirect audit
  • Custom 404 error page setup and optimization
  • Schema HTML tags
  • Canonicalization analysis & domain unification
  • Quarterly web page freshness updates
  • Initial link analysis and disavow
  • Header Tags Optimized (Ex. H1s)
  • Duplicate content analysis
  • Social media monitoring
  • Website usability analysis
  • Universal SEO (Video, Maps, Images, News)
  • Continual building of relationships with online bloggers and webmasters
  • Link reclamation


  • Information architecture audit
  • Google Analytics setup & conversion tracking


  • Ongoing monthly keyword reporting
  • Ongoing monthly ROI, traffic, & goal reporting
  • Google data highlights

Account Manager

Dedicated account manager

The All Important SEO Process

We dive deep and learn your business, the company, your competitors and the industry upon kicking-off a new SEO campaign. We deploy intelligence, common sense, software and analytical tools and create a SEO roadmap for the team to follow.


From UI, UX to content we will recommend hundreds of improvements and changes both minor and major to enable Google recognize the website as an authority and a leader in the subject and therefore positioning you prominently. Our dedicated web development team will work with you and take responsibility in achieving optimal speed, usability and functionalities of the website.


Users visit to find information and stay to read when they find interesting & engaging content. Our team of professional writers will guide you through organising the website’s information flow, advise you on blog marketing and write reader friendly and Google friendly.


Key phrases and its research is at the heart of SEO work. We work on discovering rich traffic driving keywords and not the most competitive, however, our own competitors watch us perform this and pounce on the new keywords.

Link Building & Networking

Google determines sites popularity by its network of links. We work on earned media and engage in off page activities on an everyday basis and create new opportunities in link growth and quality link building with relevance. These exercises earn the position of thought leaders in our client’s domain.