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Before making huge-budget marketing plans, you must Calculate your market reach.
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If a lead data that is waiting to be clicked must be explored.
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Discover what your target audience is looking for such as buying behavior and trends
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Understand if your customer who is most prospective is ready to hear you.

How to Calculate the Total Addressable Market

orbit logo TAM (Total Addressable Market)

is a term used to describe the revenue opportunity for a particular product or service. It helps prioritize business opportunities and can give you a quick indication of the underlying potential of an opportunity. The TAM can help you make better decisions regarding your company's future success. However, it can be difficult to measure the potential of an opportunity. Therefore, it is vital to understand how to calculate TAM for a specific product or service.

total addressable market

total addressable market

orbit logo To calculate TAM,

you can perform a top-down analysis, which starts with the global population and narrows it down geographically and demographically. Alternatively, you can perform a bottom-up analysis, which relies on first-party data and research. The bottom-up analysis is more accurate, as it uses first-party data, rather than relying on third-party sources. Either approach will give you a rough idea of how big your TAM is, but it is not always as detailed as a top-down approach.

orbit logo TAM (Total Addressable Market)

The granular approach starts by calculating a small portion of the potential market and then expands from there. This method is best for new, innovative products, where a small base of theoretical buyers provides a baseline. This method is most effective when the product is unique and revolves around the extra value it offers. The TAM will help you validate your assumptions about revenue, growth, and usage.

total addressable market features

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)s

What is Your Total Addressable Market?

The term "total addressable market" (TAM) describes the largest possible market opportunity for a certain good or service. In other words, how big would the market be if 100% of the people who would potentially find value in a product or solution bought it or started using it?

Is TAM the Same as Market Size?

A Common Metric That Is Frequently Misunderstood Is TAM The term "total addressable market" (TAM, sometimes known as "total available market") refers to a method of market sizing that enables a company to determine the overall revenue opportunity provided by its goods or services.

What is a Good TAM?

Your TAM, for instance, would be $100M if you had 10,000 users and could charge up to $10,000 annually. Beginning to present significant potential. You should strive for a TAM of $10 to $100 million for your beachhead market.

Why is Total Addressable Market Important?

In order to create more efficient, dynamic, and data-driven targeting that you can act on right now, you need first define your TAM. When deciding how much effort you can put into a new company endeavor, your total addressable market is another important data point.

How Does Total Addressable Market Help Businesses?

The complete income potential that would be open to a good or service if 100% market share was attained is known as the total available market. It aids in determining how much time and money a person or corporation should devote to a new venture.

GET A QUOTE Finding the right data can be complicated, so we are here to help