We are currently accepting well-thought-out, well-written, and insightful guest posts. We are trying to educate and introduce our audiences to new trending developments in the sales and marketing sphere through this medium.This will serve as a platform to exchange ideas, create opportunities for knowledge sharing, and get takeaways that you can apply in real-world business scenarios.

Topics we are interested in:

Database Marketing, Email Marketing, B2B Sales, Lead Generation, B2B Marketing, Marketing Tips, Digital Marketing, and similar topics.

  • The marketing pitches via email, phone, fax, or post are sent to only those who already have given us permission for the same
  • The first and the subsequent marketing pitches sent to the prospects and clients contain a clearly visible unsubscribe link
  • The promotional pitches are sent only through the medium, which is selected by our prospects
  • The customer database compiled by us contains only those contacts who have given us consent and permission to do so
  • Our complete postal address, email address and toll-free number are given in each email so that they can contact us any time for any concerns and issues
  • Complete information regarding company name, business nature and why we are asking for the personal details are given to our prospects in the first marketing campaign
  • Each email has a link to the privacy policy webpage, so that our prospects can understand us better

What we won't accept:

  • Plagiarized or content copy that is not original.
  • Content topics that have already been published on our website. You can write to us, and we will give you the go-ahead on the topic you have in mind.
  • Offensive or Inflammatory Content.


  • The article word count should be nothing less than 800 words.
  • Inclusion of interesting stats, and links to resources that fits the right context is welcome.
  • We do not encourage content trying to sell a product or service. We are looking for content that brings true value to readers through the information that it delivers.
  • You can spruce up the content with the use of interesting imagery, info graphics, or videos.
  • The content can include 2 backlinks – one to your author bio and another to an informative article on your site.
  • Content should be in formats that can be ingested seamlessly onto WordPress.
  • We request you to send your content as an editable Google or Word Doc.
  • It is recommended that you cite your sources accurately.
  • The articles for submission must be proofed adequately and must adhere to SEO best practices.